Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Species of the Day : Jungle Cat (Felis chaus)

The Jungle Cat is the largest member of the Felis genus. Although Felis chaus is commonly known as the Swamp Lynx, this cat is not actually a member of the Lynx family. The Jungle cat has distinctively long legs and tufts on the end of its ears. It stands about 36cm tall and ranges from 50cm to 90cm long. 

Felis chaus is found ranging from Egypt to southeast asia and the Indian subcontinent where it is amongst the most common of cats. Preferring dry habitats the Jungle cat lives in savannah, dry tropical forest and reedy rivers. Ironically Felis chaus does not inhabit rain forests!
Although the Jungle cat has never been domesticated many have been found as Egyptian mummies. It is speculated they were kept as a rodent control mechanism.

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