Monday, 15 April 2013

Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

Founded by Gerald Durrell (an Indian born British Conservationist), the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust is an amazing charity which promotes conservation in many of the most ecologically and economically threatened parts of the world. 

Gerald Durrell revolutionized how zoos are run, believing that zoos have a responsibility to global conservation efforts. He was ridiculed for his belief that zoos could be an effective tool of conservation until he finally founded his own zoo to show the world how it should be done. Now the Durrell Wildlife Park is recognized as one of the world's best zoos as well as a pioneering institution in terms of the captive breeding of critically endangered species. Find out more through the Wildlife Park's website: 


                                       (Gerald Durrell, 1925-1995)

"Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust is an international charity working globally towards our mission of saving species from extinction. Committed to conserving the diversity and integrity of the life on earth, Durrell has developed a worldwide reputation for its pioneering conservation techniques.

Working with a wide range of international partners, we combine the skills of our staff at our wildlife park, in our field programmes and our conservation academy to save some of the most threatened species in the most threatened places.

Headquartered in Jersey, Durrell Conservation Academy also supports the development of future conservationists and has educated over 3300 graduates from 135 countries."

             - Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

The Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust is committed to individual species recovery as well as ecological recovery. For an example of what kind of conservation Durrell is committed to check out this link for information about their Ploughshare Tortoise conservation project.

Please check out the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. Durrell is heavily involved in building conservation strategies from the ground up, which I believe is integral for conservation strategies to be both effective and long lasting.  Durrell is a world class organization and provides wonderful educational opportunities for people from developing countries looking to affect conservation change in their home countries. 

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