Friday, 12 April 2013

Gorilla Doctors

Hey all,

I thought some of you might be interested in looking into this organization. The organization is called "Gorilla Doctors" and it is a group of vets who provide health care for mountain gorillas in central africa. They are doing some amazing work with not only gorillas, but also other wildlife and local human populations. Many of  these gorillas are situated in one of the most ravaged warzones in the world (the Democratic Republic of the Congo) and Gorilla Doctors is attempting to help the last of the mountain gorillas to survive through the conflict and go on to thrive!

"Gorilla Doctors is dedicated to saving the mountain gorilla species one patient at a time. We are the only group providing wild mountain and Grauer's gorillas with direct, hands-on medical care. Research has proven that by intervening to save sick and injured gorillas, the Gorilla Doctors have helped the overall mountain gorilla population to increase."

To learn more check out their website:

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